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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to common asked questions

Yes you can. It’s preferable that you have it done while on your period than for you to delay the exam to another day.

Our physicians are board certified in OB/GYN and we concentrate our practice in that discipline. We encourage our patients to find a primary care physician for their non-OB/GYN issues.

Physicians must pass an initial test to become certified in their specialty and the American Board of OB/GYN requires that physicians recertify on an annual basis to indicate that they are current with changes and updates in recommended medical practice. All of the doctors at Women Partners in OB/GYN are board certified or board eligible.

An NP is a registered nurse with advanced academic and clinical education and experience who is qualified to meet many patient health care needs. Both of our NP’s are certified in Women’s Health and they work in collaboration with our physicians.

Employers decide what is covered in the health plan they offer. Often employers choose not to include infertility in their plan.

Pap smear: All Pap smear specimens get an initial review by the lab. If this review is normal, the lab will bill the Pap smear as a screening/preventive test. When the initial review indicates that further review by a pathologist is required, the Pap smear becomes diagnostic. If STD testing is done along with your Pap smear, it may not be covered as preventive.

Mammogram: If you have no problems and no history of implants or abnormal mammograms, a “screening” mammogram will be ordered. A “diagnostic“ mammogram is ordered when the physician is aware that the patient has breast symptoms or changes. When you arrive at the radiology facility, you will be asked about new symptoms or problems. If you report symptoms, they will recommend a diagnostic mammogram instead of a screening. This is also true if the radiology facility has information showing that you have had an abnormal mammogram in the past.

It’s our goal to provide care at affordable levels, but we also understand the need for more extensive testing when the pathologist or radiologist determines it is needed. We support their decisions. Diagnostic tests may increase your out-of-pocket costs, but our priority is to assure that the appropriate review is completed so that problems are correctly identified.

We use Pathology Reference Lab (PRL) for Pap smear interpretation. They provide 24 hour telephone service to give patients their results. Call (210) 212-2211 and follow the prompts. The results will be available on the phone line 7 days after the day the sample is taken.

We will call you with any abnormal results. See Office Information for the time schedule for lab results to be available.

Please notify your pharmacy and they will contact us about the refill. You can also use the Patient Portal on this website.

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Payments made in the portal may take up to 10 days to post to your account.  When possible, payments should be made via the payment link emailed to you to post immediately to your account.

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